Colombia Wi FI
(( Wi Fi )) Residential: Condominiums & Apartment complexes

WIFISATELITAL provides solutions custom made for Condominiums and Apartment complexes with fast, stable and trusted connections to Internet. Our Network engineers have the experience to design WI FI Networks in record time; assuring optimum coverage in the area.

Our Internet WI FI solutions for Condominiums and Apartment complexes focus in providing quality Internet at low prices under the concept of Communitarian Internet Service; where the monthly service is provided by the Administration office of each individual Condominium or as an alternative scheme of prepaid Internet WI FI.

Users must have a PC with WiFi ready capabilities to be able to access our services; or must have a wireless AP which our clients could purchase directly from recommended providers at a low cost price.

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WIFISATELITAL offers tailor made solutions to your needs. We offer solutions for Hotels, Malls, Airports, Ground Transportation Terminals, University campus, Restaurants, Condominiums, Hospitals, and our specialty using Satellite reliable solutions for remote rural areas such as: Oil and Mining camps and farms.


We provide security access to our Wi Fi networks by using encrypted connections and the latest access validation procedure over RADIUS platforms. Choose your equipment and connect to WIFISATELITAL: Notebooks, PDAs, Palms, Pocket PCs, and Wi Fi ready cellular telephones.

we count with a local centralized Management Center to assure easy and fast internet access.