About Us

Flyingtracker is a small private limited business that aims to specialise in providing affordable tracking solutions to the community.

The Flyingtracker team has over 30 years software development experience in providing customer focused products to both the Commercial and Government sectors.

The Flyingtracker products are developed ‘in-house’ and therefore they are able to offer bespoke solutions for all your tracking requirements.

Flyingtracker primarily offer a Web based service to our customers to allow them to visualize GPS location data, sent from their trackers to our server, on a map. A unique password protected account is created for each tracker to restrict unauthorized access to the data. This service can be accessed using any Computers, Smart phones or tablets connected to the internet.

This service allow users to view both the last known location along with a number of historical views of this data.

The Web service also provides a programming interface to command trackers.

Flyingtracker offer 3 hardware tracker that can be connected immediately to our server and have tracking applications that can convert Blackberry, Andriod and iPhones (coming soon) into tracking devices that can be connected to our server.

Flyingtracker are not limited to these devices and are happy to offer this service to any tracker that supports GPS location delivery via GPRS or GSM.

The service is primarily for tracking single trackers but Flyingtracker, being a software development house, are happy to discuss any bespoke customer requirements. See contact us for details.

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