Tav Web Server

The Flyingtracker (TAVWEB) server is a password protected web-site where system users can view their tracker location on-line. The Web page allow users to view their trackers last known location along with a variety of historical information.

The Web-site couldn’t be easier to use. The user navigates to ‘www.wifisatelital.com’ on their Pc/smart phone/tablet and selects ‘View My Tracker’. The user is then prompted to logon to their account and are then instantly presented with a map centred on their trackers last know location.

The user can select from a number of historical views including showing the full path!.

When the user has finished viewing their data they simply ‘Log out’.

They can also download the data to their local computers for use elsewhere, or upoad data from log only enabled Devices that we supply.

Image Below you can see a screenshot of the Tav Web Server.


This is a view of the main interface showing a device being tracked on the M1 in the United Kingdom.